Whitesands Porosity The Fix 120ml


For hair that has become delicate from coloring and heat styling, White Sands presents its revolutionary treatmentPorosity The Fix.

 This leave in treatment protects hai from future damage caused by hot tools and environmental elements by correcting the appearance of extreme dryness and dull, damaged texture patterns. 

Fashioned as “makeup for hair”,, filling in the blemishes found in each strand. This revitalizing feature instantly creates illuminating, flawless strands. The Fix will transform damaged, dry hair.

Based on the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, unnaturally high and low levels of porosity are the main causes of fragile and brittle locks. 

The Fix instantly reverses this unbalanced state, creating healthy, flawless hair through its restorative properties and unique ingredients including gentle silicones and natural oils. 

The formula’s lightweight silicone membrane instantly “locks in” this moisture, while providing a revolutionary “Timed” Drying Process: the ratio of Cyclomethicones adjusts for drying time to provide maximum shine.

Added Bonus: Pair The Fix with heat from blow drying or ironing to leave hair softer and shinier without weighing the style down. 


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