Whitesands Infinity *Hairspray 284g


Why You Need this Heat Activated Hairspray to Curl & Straighten

Special comb-able copolymers make hair shinier as more heat is applied

Heat protection products. We use them before thermal tools to avoid damaging hair from styling at high temperatures. 

As a heat activated hairspray also offering great holding power for finished looks, Infinity is more than your traditional hairspray – it’s a ‘smart spray’!

Infinity increases the amount of shine in the hair when paired with your favorite iron or curling wand. The more heat applied, the shinier the hair becomes simultaneously creating incredible style memory paired with amplified sheen.  

The secret lies in the ingredients like special comb-able copolymers

 “When you put a flat iron or curling iron on the hair, these particular polymers lay the cuticle layers down,” explains Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands (USA). “Hair now shows the melanin off better, which is the color found in the center of the hair. The cortex fractures light if the hair is damaged and cannot be brushed out easily. Many hairsprays use copolymers that are not comb-able which means you are right back to the problem of the hair being fractured again every time you comb. This will make the hair dull. The copolymers in the formula, once combined, make the hair incredibly glossy and bring the highest amount of shine.”

 When you put heat on the hair with Infinity, it super boosts these copolymers and increases the way it makes the hair glow even more. Hair will not stick to the iron and never flakes with tresses taking on a weightless, nude-like feel once styled. These particular copolymers have a smoothing ability that is also anti-frizz and humidity resistant.

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