Whitesands Smudge Texture Creme 58ml


Smudge Texture Crème, a multipurpose water-based, weightless styling and finishing pomade.

Smudge excels at accentuatingthe layers in your hair, forming piecey definition on shorter strands and creating a beachy, windblown texture on the ends of longer locks. 

Always leaving hair soft, silky, and touchable, Smudge can also be used as an anti-frizzaid and even a straightening cream with heat. When Smudge dries, it is always weightless to the touch and infuses silkiness. 

And for those days you have too much static? A smidge of Smudge calms flyaways and seals split ends. Simply apply a ten cent-sized amount (depending on length and type) and warm in the palms of your hand.

As a straightening crème: Apply Smudge throughout wet, newly washed and conditioned hair, then blow dry. Pair with a flat iron for results that deliver beautifullystraight, shiny hair.

As a texturizer: Apply Smudge to dry hair for a silky, touchable style. Simply scrunch or twist the product into tresses for desirable results.

As an anti-frizz aid: Cocktail Smudge with White Sands Gel-Us and apply to wet or dry hair to tame unwanted frizzies. Each strand will be as smooth as silk.

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