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Grow hair faster with cayenne pepper

Have you ever thought of applying Tabasco sauce on scalp? If you are desperate to grow hair fast, just like me, maybe you did.  But you don’t need to do it because I will tell you better way to use Cayenne pepper to speed up hair growth.

Cayenne pepper is a common ingredient in many hair growth tonics. It helps to improve blood circulation thus increasing the speed of hair growth.

Here I will show you two very easy-to-make home-made recipes. One of them is oil based and the other is alcohol based. Each has its advantage and disadvantages.

Alcohol-based hair tonics do not make the hair oily and dirty. You can apply them after washing your hair and keep them on your scalp for the whole day (if no irritation exists). By increasing the time that the tonic stays on your scalp, you increase its effectiveness. However, these tonics can be drying. If you already have a dry, sensitive scalp or if you have dandruff, I do not recommend using them.

Oil-based hair tonics are less aggressive. They do not dry up the scalp. However, you can apply them only about 1 hour before you wash your  hair. Also, some people claim that their hair falls out more if they use oil on their scalp.

So, here they are:

Alcohol-Based Tonic with Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth

You will need:

  • 4-6 pieces of cayenne pepper (depending on size)
  • 50ml of vodka or cognac or 90% alcohol
  • Dark glass bottle
  • Dropper or gloves for application


  1. Cut pepper into small pieces. Remember to be careful and to not touch your eyes.
  2. Put the pepper into the bottle and add vodka/cognac/alcohol. Make sure the peppers are fully covered.
  3. Shake well and leave the solution for a few weeks in a dark place. Shake once in a while. You can even leave it for longer than a few weeks e.g. a month or two. It will never spoil.
  4. Once you decide to start using the tonic, strain it and dilute with water (approximately 40/20 ratio)

Application:  You will need a dropper or gloves.

Never use undiluted tonic! Use the dropper to apply the diluted solution onto the scalp. Apply a small amount at a time, carefully, as it is very runny and can leak down onto your face.

I recommend applying it more to the back of your scalp and from there, massage it forward gently onto the rest of your head ensuring you are wearing gloves.

You can apply it before cleaning your hair or after.

After application you should feel a pleasant warm sensation on your scalp. If it’s too hot, wash it off immediately. For the next time, try adding more alcohol if it’s too hot and if it’s too mild – add more water (water actually makes the pepper hotter).

WARNING: Watch your scalp condition closely. If you notice a dryness or itchiness developing, stop using the pepper tonic immediately.


Oil-Based Tonic with Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth

You will need:

  • 4-6 pieces of cayenne pepper (depending on the size)
  • 60ml of olive or castor oil
  • Dark glass bottle


  1. Cut the pepper into small pieces.
  2. Put it into the bottle and add the oil
  3. Leave it for a few weeks in a dark place. Shake once in a while.
  4. Once you decide to start using the tonic, strain it and throw the peppers away.

Application: (You will need gloves or brush, plastic cup and a towel)

Use the solution about 1 hour before cleaning your hair. Apply the oil on your scalp with gloves or with the brush. Carefully, make sure that it does not run down your face.

You can apply an alternative treatment on the length of your hair (cayenne pepper does not do anything for hair length, so don’t waste it there). Wait for 1 hour and wash as per normal.

Can cayenne pepper help with hair loss? 

Not really. To stop hair loss, you must find the cause of it first and eliminate it (stress, hormones, medication etc.) After this, you can successfully use pepper to improve the hair growth and get more baby hairs in a shorter time.



Myself and many other people have been using alcohol and oil based pepper tonics without any side effects for a long time. However, if you have a sensitive scalp it is possible that pepper tonic is not for you. Here are a few precautions:

  • Make sure to dilute your home-made tonic with water before use to avoid itchiness or a dry scalp.
  • The same applies to store bought hair tonics. Most of them are alcohol based. So, watch your scalp condition closely and stop if it gets dry. You can also alternate alcohol-based tonic with other hair growth treatments.
  • When washing your hair after using the pepper oil application, keep your eyes closed and do not rub them.


You can print this page or save in PDF.

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  1. hi, where exactly do i buy cayenne peppers from? i’ve never seen them sold whole/ i’ve only ever seen the powder

  2. You did state how many times but you use this method nor did you mention how long does it takes to see results. How many days out of the week that it must be used

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